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A strong back knows no pain

Strength training for a healthy back

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Kieser, your back specialist

Welcome to Kieser, your back specialist dedicated to promoting strong, healthy spines free from pain.

Every day we meet people who are affected by the complex effects of back pain. In our day-to-day work, we are at the centre of the action when it comes to helping people regain their quality of life.

Many people do not realise that the effects of back pain on the everyday lives of those affected are complex and varied. Back pain is more than just physical discomfort and can also have a detrimental effect on a mental and emotional level. A deeper understanding of the most common causes of back pain in everyday life enables targeted prevention, greater awareness of back-friendly behaviour and opens up a sustainable path to an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Common causes of back pain

Back pain is one of the most widespread diseases of our time and affects the well-being and quality of life of many people. The causes of back problems are varied and range from a lack of exercise and incorrect posture to muscular imbalances. In our restless everyday lives, characterised by sedentary activities and stress, the importance of strong muscles, especially a strong back, is often underestimated.

With a little more attention, however, you can recognise the risk factors for back pain at an early stage and take proactive countermeasures. Some of the most common causes of back pain are as follows:

Actively tackle back pain. This is Kieser.

Scientifically sound strength training as an important part of preventing back pain

Neglecting back problems can lead to long-term impairments and chronic pain. Chronic pain can significantly impair quality of life and result in limited participation in day-to-day activities. Scientifically based strength training, such as that offered by Kieser, is one of the most important measures for preventing or alleviating back pain.

Here you will find the health effects of regular strength training, which have been proven by numerous studies:

At Kieser, we are convinced that strength training is the most important measure for sustainable back health and the best medicine for many lifestyle diseases. By specifically addressing the causes of back pain, we enable our clients to lead an active lifestyle without painful restrictions.

The Kieser Method offers specialised exercise machines that can be used to strengthen all muscle groups of the body in a targeted manner. For the lower back, it is the medically certified and computerised lumbar extension machine (LE). The deep back muscles are intensively trained and the mobility of the spine is increased at the same time. We recommend the cervical extension machine (CE) for the neck.

Our instructors, who specialise in back problems, are happy to offer a consultation as part of a non-binding introductory training session. See for yourself why Kieser is your back specialist and the right partner on your path to pain-free living.

Lumbar Extension: The gold standard for back tests and training.

Das Bild zeigt die Rückenmaschine Lumbar Extension von Kieser Training.

Our experienced instructors will put together an individual training programme for you.

How strong are your spinal erectors? Our back test provides detailed information here. An instructor determines the strength level of the spinal erectors around the lumbar region and measures the mobility of your spine. This works with the help of our computerised (LE). By comparing this data with the standard data of people with healthy backs, we can better diagnose the functional causes of your complaints.

During back training, the LE uses cushions, footrests and pelvic rollers to ensure that your deep spinal erectors are isolated. Why? When straightening the torso, our spinal erectors work together with the hip extensors. These are the gluteal muscles and the muscles on the back of the upper leg. As these muscle groups are larger than the spinal erectors, this muscle loop must be interrupted so that it does not do all the work. When trained so effectively and in isolation, the muscle extensors quickly become very strong and most back problems and pain disappear – or don't arise in the first place.

Cervical-Extension: The ideal strength training programme for your back and neck.

Das Bild zeigt ein Kunde von Kieser Training, der in Begleitung einer Instruktorin an der CE-Rückenmaschine trainiert.

Strong back extensors are also required in the shoulder and neck area.

Our tip for a tense, aching neck: Train on our computerised CE. The stabilising shoulder straps, chest pad and neck support ensure that the deep spinal erectors in the cervical spine area are isolated and effectively trained over the individually possible range of motion.

The Kieser training concept recommends a weekly workout on the LE or CE during the build-up phase. A significant improvement in strength levels can usually be achieved after just 12 to 18 workouts.

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