The Kieser Method

Whether for sports, leisure or work, a strong body is key to an active life and good health. However, muscle strength begins to decline from the age of 25. Strength training can help to prevent this.

The Kieser Method is a scientifically proven form of training that won’t take up all your time. The method combines various approaches from health and exercise science and is based on decades of experience from over 170 studios. Just 30 minutes of training twice a week is enough to get stronger step by step.

What makes Kieser different

Effective, high-intensity training
For performance improvements with two short units of 30 minutes each a week.
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You train twice a week for 30 minutes with High-Intensity Training (HIT).

In practice, the exercise is done until local fatigue eventually sets in – in other words, until the muscle gives in. A guideline for the amount of time needed per exercise is 90 to 120 seconds.

If you can train for longer than 120 seconds until local fatigue sets in, the weight is increased by 5% during the next training session. If you cannot sustain it for 90 seconds, the weight is reduced by 5%. If it is sustained for between 90 and 120 seconds, the training weight is preserved in the next unit. Because you are training to achieve localised fatigue, only one set is performed at Kieser.

Personal supervision
To ensure that your training is adapted precisely to your needs and that you achieve your objectives.
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We place great value in ensuring that you train correctly, because this is the only way that you can achieve your objectives. This is why you will be supervised by our specially trained instructors in the first three training units and in the tenth. They show you how to adjust the machines and perform the exercises correctly.

To ensure training results, you will then be supervised again in every 20th training session to adapt the weights and machines and to ensure that you are training effectively at the right intensity. Of course, our instructors are also always there for you to speak to in the meantime.

Medical training advice
For training to precisely meet your needs.
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In the medical training consultation session you will discuss any health issues with the medical specialist in our studios. If there are any physical complaints, these will be accounted for in your individual training plan, allowing you to train safely and precisely in accordance with your needs.

Back test
To determine your current strength.
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The computer-assisted back test on the Lumbar Extension Machine (LE) provides an objective analysis of your current condition. The strength of the spinal erectors and the mobility of the spine are measured, and the measurements are compared against reference data.

The back test provides the ideal basis to prepare your programme and manage your effective back training. If regularly repeated, the back test can objectively document the results of your training and be read from a print-out.

Selective development of back muscles
On our special computer-assisted training machines.
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As we get older, our muscle mass degrades. Our strength, performance and resilience decline, and the risk of physical complaints rises. Thankfully, Kieser has an effective remedy – the highly specialised Lumbar Extension (LE) and Cervical Extension (CE) back machines for the selective strengthening of the underlying muscles in the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine.

The benefits of computer-assisted back machines compared to other strength training exercises for the back are derived from the use of the restraint to isolate the muscles that are too weak, the precisely gauged resistance, the safe movement guidance, and the way the motion of the exercises protects the joints under the specialist guidance of an instructor.

Die Aufnahme zeigt eine Kieser Training-Kundin in Begleitung eines Instruktors bei der BIA-Messung. Die BIA ist eine Körperwaage, welche die Muskel- und Fettmasse misst.
Body composition measurement
To determine muscle mass and body fat.
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Your muscles naturally shrink with age, while body fat increases. However, the ratio between muscle and fat mass plays a key role in your health. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at how they are distributed.

With bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA for short, we have the most state-of-the-art technique for measuring your body composition. In just 24 seconds, it shows the ratio of muscle and fat mass in your body much more accurately than any weighing scales or BMI. We combine this with a detailed consultation. The measurement is a valuable aid in planning your training. Based on the information, we show you how to efficiently increase your muscle mass and reduce your body fat in order to boost your health.

Training without distractions
In a calm and concentrated atmosphere.
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At Kieser, we aim to enable you to concentrate fully on your training, which is why there is nothing to distract you. There’s no loud music, mirrors, juice bar or TVs to be found here.

Specially-developed training machines
Whose special technology guarantees training results for you.
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The training is performed on highly specialised machines that offer critical advantages over exercises that are dependent on the body’s own mass or over free weight training – namely that the muscles are perfectly isolated during the exercise with cushions and supports. The exercise motion is also precisely calculated to enable the muscle to be exercised beyond its threshold from full stretch to full contraction. The guided movements also require barely any coordination. At the same time, the guided movements enable training that is safe and does not unnecessarily overburden the joints.

Specially trained personnel
For expert advice and training guidance.
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Our task is to help you to achieve your training objectives, which is why we place great value in ensuring that our staff have the appropriate specialist expertise. All employees here receive certified training with seminars. In further training sessions that are held each year, they receive additional education in providing instruction, managing training, offers, communication and sports medicine.