A strong back.
That is Kieser.
SINCE 1967.
2× 30 minutes training per week is enough.
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Kieser – Getting stronger every time

Minimum time, maximum strength gain. If you want to feel healthy, strong and energetic, you don’t need to spend hours working out every day. Kieser is an international chain that offers highly effective machine-based strength training. Targeted muscle building eliminates the need for extensive exercise sessions. Just two half-hour workouts a week are enough to transform your body strength.

There’s no time like the present, so sign up for a trial session and then go from strength to strength.

The Kieser method

[Translate to English:] Stärken Sie mit Krafttraining Ihre Muskeln und holen Sie das Maximum aus Ihrer Gesundheit heraus.

It doesn’t take long to get strong. When you give your muscles a sufficiently intensive stimulus from exercise, your body reacts and they begin to grow. That’s why training at Kieser is brief, but intensive. This ensures a significant increase in muscle mass and you’ll get noticeably stronger. The training is individually tailored to each client, which makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced gym users.

Time management Time management
Minimal time expenditure

You train twice a week for 30 minutes according to the Kieser Method.

Trainer Trainer
Supervised training sessions

To ensure that you perform the exercises correctly and achieve your goals, our instructors are always on hand to assist you.

Machines Machines
High-quality training machines

The machines are designed for safe and targeted muscle building.

Medical introduction Medical introduction
Medical training consultation

During the consultation, we check your health. This way, the training can be perfectly tailored to your physical condition.

Kieser nutritional counselling

As a leading provider in the field of preventive and medical strength training, Kieser is known for its expertise in imparting knowledge and methods for preventing strength and muscle loss. Our nutritional advice is an additional service aimed at optimising your training success through adequate nutritional support.

At Kieser, we understand that your health and performance depends on many factors, including your diet. Our unique understanding of the interaction between muscles, metabolism and nutrition enables us to offer you a neutral, professional and efficient nutritional strategy that goes beyond traditional weight loss counselling.

Kieser – 21 studios in Switzerland

Kieser is now present in five countries and has more than 270,000 enthusiastic customers. The studios boast well-lit rooms and a quiet, focussed atmosphere to exercise in. You won't find mirrors, music, televisions or people showing off here.

As a Kieser customer, you can train at any of our studios worldwide.

We’ll give your career a lift.

Would you like to represent the Kieser brand and help people achieve their goals? Then come and join our team.

We stand for:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Passion that gives us strength
  • Scientifically based methods
  • Confidence and credibility
  • Team spirit and togetherness