Precise measurement techniques

You are probably aware of your weight, your blood pressure, your cholesterol level and other health-related metrics. But do you know how your muscles are doing? After all, with its numerous functions, it is the key to your health. The strength test, the back test and the BIA measurement provide information.

Back test

Back test

With the aid of our computer-assisted Lumbar Extension Machine, we determine the mobility of your spine and the strength of the lower spinal erectors around the lumbar region during the starting phase of your training. Weaknesses in this area are frequently associated with back pain.

Compared against reference data from people with healthy backs, these measurements provide information on the current condition of this part of the musculature. The test helps to better diagnose the functional causes of your discomfort. If regularly repeated, it also objectively documents the results of your training.

Machine strength testing

Strength meter

Based on our strength measurements, we determine the maximum isometric force of key muscle groups. Compared against reference data for your gender and age, this result provides information about your general level of strength at the start of training. If regularly repeated, this strength test also objectively documents the results of your training.

Body composition measurement

BIA: bioelectrical impedance analysis

BIA is the latest technique for measuring body composition. In just 24 seconds, it shows the ratio of muscle and fat mass in your body much more accurately than any weighing scales or BMI. The measurement is a valuable aid in planning your training. Based on the information, we show you how to efficiently increase your muscle mass and reduce your body fat.